Third Workshop
Fun With Formal Methods
(FWFM-2018, July 19, 2018)

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Preliminary Announcement

The workshop will be held in University of Oxford as a part of Federated Logic Conference FLOC-2018 FLOC-2018 logo
in affiliation with 30th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification

The primary purpose of the workshop series on Fun With Formal Methods (FWFM) is to popularize and disseminate the best practice of popularization of Formal Methods. Not an exhaustive list of topics of FWFM follows:

  • fascinating examples of use of FM in SE;
  • simple but interesting educational examples of FM;
  • FM for puzzles, games and entertainment;
  • FM and programming contests;
  • FM elsewhere (outside software and hardware);
  • everything and anything related to popularization of FM.

Preliminary scheduling:

Workshops announced 30 September 2017 (done)
Publication call for papers announced 15 February 2018
Paper submission deadline 15 April 2018
Paper notification deadline 15 May 2018
Workshop program on-line 15 May 2018
Final version of accepted papers before 31 May 2018

Program/ Committee:


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