The Third Workshop
Fun With Formal Methods (FWFM-2019)
Thursday October 17, 2019 in Innopolis University (near Kazan, Russia)
(Venue: room 317.)
(Programme is available!)

The workshop is a satellite event of TOOLS 50+1: Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems.

Distance participation is welcome! Please wach streaming video at time of the wokshop or later. (Videos of the main conference TOOLS50+1 are already available on the same Youtube channel of the Innopolis Universrity)

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Call for Papers

The primary purpose of the workshop series on Fun With Formal Methods (FWFM) is to popularize and disseminate the best practice of popularization of Formal Methods. Not an exhaustive list of topics of FWFM follows:

  • fascinating examples of use of FM in SE;
  • simple but interesting educational examples of FM;
  • FM for puzzles, games and entertainment;
  • FM and programming contests;
  • FM elsewhere (outside software and hardware);
  • everything and anything related to popularization of FM.


Submission deadline October 1, 2019
Notification deadline October 8, 2019
Workshop program on-line October 8, 2019

Program Committee:

Submission and Publication Plans

Extended abstracts and/or papers on topics related to FWFM are solicited. There is no any strict limit for page number or style, but it is recommended to be in range 2-4 pages for extended abstracts and 4-16 pages for papers. (Single column, single interval, font not less than 12 for review convenience.)

All submitted paper will be reviewed by Program Committee and selection of accepted papers will based on relevance, quality, (partly) originality and FUN of the submitted papers. Papers already published somewhere are also welcome but must make it explicit their publication status.

All submissions should be via EasyChair conference system (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=fwfm2019) We plan to publish informal proceedings before the workshop and disseminate them among participants at the workshop. Post-proceedings publication is subject to decide on base of quality and number of the original submissions. (Recall that we welcome papers already published somewhere.)


Via the web-page of the main conference TOOLS 50+1. - Please don't be scared by registration fee (120-150 Euros): we are working with perspective sponsors to reduce it;-) Distance participation will be free!


Morning session (from 10:30 to 12:30), chair: Joseph Brown
10:30-11:00 Do we need Fun with Formal Methods? (Nikolay Shilov and Evgeiy Muravev, Innopolis University)
11:00-11:30 Cables, Trains and Types (Simon Gay, University of Glasgow)
11:30-12:00 On programming content of Math contests (Nikolay Shilov, Innopolis University, and Svetlana Shilova)
12:00-12:30 Towards a Broader Acceptance of Formal Verication Tools (Mansur Khazeev, Manuel Mazzara, Daniel de Carvalho and Hamna Aslam Innopolis University)
Afternoon session (from 15:30 to 16:30), chair: Nikolay Shilov
15:30-16:00 Fun with Formal Methods: teaching unambiguous English to avoid confusions (Maya Stoyanova, Innopolis University)
15:00-16:30 Open discussion (moderator: Hamna Aslam). Suggested topics:
  1. Who should not be teaching Math & FM? (The purpose of this topic is not to exclude someone as a potential educator but to gain opinions of participants as to what is necessary to be able to convey mathematics in the best possible and most productive way.)
  2. Which Math & FM book(s) are not recommended to be proposed as a textbook for freshmen?
  3. How to promote Math & FM group learning among students as well as which activities can be introduced to support group learning?
  4. How to teach Math & FM to students in their language (such as being able to come to their level to understand their issues better)?

(Presenters are underlined.)


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